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Dear visitor, you will find us flexible, professional and easy to do business with. High-quality, native English into Tagalog, English into Ilocano, Tagalog into English and Ilocano into English translation and website localization performed by experienced, accomplished and highly knowledgeable Tagalog translators and Ilocano translators and checked by professional, native Tagalog and Ilocano editors and proofreaders.

Palms and sea on Philippines

We specialize in native Tagalog and Ilocano translation in the following fields: life sciences (medical, pharmaceutical and related sciences), law (e.g. contracts, EU documents, agreements, corporate correspondence and minutes), technology (user manuals, instructions for use, etc.), journalism, books and other publications, finance, economy (analyses, agreements, contracts), politics and commerce (e.g. leaflets, brochures, advertisements).

Our teams of Tagalog translators and Ilocano translators translate texts related to environmental protection and the green movement at 75% of our standard rates to contribute to the global cause in our own way. We also offer discounts for the translation of texts that promote human rights in third-world countries such as the Philippines.

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